July 31

Time flies. Feel like in a blink, it's July 31, my 8th year anniversary of going to US. And this time it's also the first time in 8 year I spent my July 31 in Taiwan.

Just like life itself, in a blink I'm 31, and look back, I don't know if I made right choices. I am who I am, and I am where I am. I can't change anything in the past, and I can't foresee anything in the future. I've always been a true to myself person, and I thank all my friends for letting me be who I am.

2006 has been very exciting, to a thrilling level. I am going back to school in a new place. Let's see, what life brings us.


Sleeplessness in Taipei ~

Sleepless. Not because I can't, but because I don't want to. Not only because I'm counting down my vacation days at home, but also I feel I need to stay awake to think through things.

While last year my biggest recreation and fun came from the panda webcams, this year is really ... thrilling. I think if life is like a giant amusement theme park, then I'm either at the roller coaster or the mirror house (or both ?). Maybe the first time in my life that things change faster than my planning.

I did try to sleep and let my dreams tell me. But my wishes and desires are so strong that they drive and cover everything.

Sleep or not, I need to feel sober and clear, solid and strong.


My Taiwan: part 2 (part 1 is in Chinese)

Coming back home in the summer, first time in 7 years; staying for so long, first time in ... as long as I became a forever traveler.

35 degree C. Summer in Taiwan is hot and humid, with occasional typhoons as surprises. Well, surprise may not be the correct word, since there is always too much forecasts than reality, but I guess it's better than the other way around.

Taiwan is a relatively small country, yet with oversized press, media amplifying every single thing happening on this island called "Formosa", "beautiful island" in Portuguese. Journalism is like any other thing in Taiwan, over-zealous, yet amazingly alive. Recently our president Chen and his fanily are investigated for scandals and corruptions; I think US president G. W. Bush will be very happy to know there is another president in the world with lower approving rate than him, and additional much higher impeaching rate.

In a way, Taiwan is somewhat strange yet familiar for me. It's like an automatic family that produces certain new members every certain time, but I don't know the new members so well. Older generations still work hard, when younger generations are still smart; but girls, boys are like their peers in our neighboring countries: Japan, Korea and China, only cares about making money to pursue brand names and cosmetic surgeries.

Taiwan is forever my home; after 8 years being in the States, I am truly amazed by how remarkable my home country, Taiwan, is. I wish, it will forever be the best, and we all realize that.