being sick ... again

The dates are uncanny. I was sick exactly a month ago, and now, I'm having my maybe-flu-maybe-cold routine again. So much for the flu shot that I gave it a try for the very first time this year. Well, it's more like a flu last time and more like a cold this time.
Anyway. I hate dry and cold weather. Why do people even live in colder and dryer places ?
There are double layers windows here and there are double-double layers(4 layers) windows in Russia.
I miss hot and humid !


Name:秀秀 XiouXiou
Breed:台灣混種土狗 Mix
Location:台北 Taipei
Age:兩歲 2 years old
Gender:母 female
XiouXiou was rescued from the animal shelter thin, weak, and paralyzed after being hit by a car three days earlier. But her eyes were shining, showing the strong will that we all know and love her for. Although she cannot use her back legs, she loves to scoot around and explore her surroundings. She is full of life and refuses to give in to her condition. XiouXiou needs a wheelchair to get around and a little more care and attention than other dogs, but we think she deserves it. Her strong will and shining eyes will win you over, and she is guaranteed to make you appreciate life a little more. Please consider giving her the loving home she so deserves.
宋小姐 sherry.sung@msa.hinet.net



回家時,打開電視,從新聞到娛樂節目我都很疑惑,連SNG出人們的直接反應我都很驚訝。但是,不是我變了,這些年自己在美國,沒錯,因為沒有adult supervision,完全自己發展,個性中原有的一部份更被加強,但是我還是我,記憶中的台灣不是這樣的。


Enigma and all the past time

Listen to the music of Enigma. "To return to Innocence", actually the voice of Taiwan, the song of the aborigines, but still, no one knows it's from Taiwan, besides the people in Taiwan.

It's been a while that I'm "re-listening" my old CDs; it's a strange feeling, to look back and pick up something I once obsessed about, like I bought some DVDs earlier this year for my old time favorites collections; it's like reading an old diary of myself, I couldn't even recognize my own hand writing, and amazed about "oh, I once know that ?".

I guess being 30 years old gives myself some history to be "discovered" again, by myself. Looking back, every period of time, I have my zealous favorites to enjoy alone or share with friends, chapter by chapter, and as daily life progresses and time goes, each chapter closes or opens, and integrates into life, my life.

Re-open an old chapter also brought up the linkage of past time, which I can't believe it's already past, and long ago. I guess in a way, I change, since my chapters keep on changing, but, in another way, I don't change, because once I look back, I'm still the same person, shockingly the same.

Sometimes you feel time has pushed you in the back, or dragged you in the front; but sometimes like this, you feel time just filters you through and passes, and you, are still there.