slow down ~

I've never had so slow pace for my vacation back home. This first week I've visited the Chinese medicine doctor, Western medicine doctor, and tried Acupressure. Besides that, I've been to one of the night markets and one of my favorite hot pot restaurants in such warm weather.

I don't know if I exhausted myself too much in the first part of this year, I feel much tired and much easy to get tired; therefore I just try to rest and relax, restore and rejuvenate.

So, in a way, my first "vacation" in 8 years.


doctors, doctors

3 minutes. In 3 minutes my doctor in Taiwan solved the "puzzle" that a bunch of Cornell doctors tried for 3 months.
This famous doctor in Taiwan equipped with a sonogram machine right next to him in the exam room, and he personally did sonogram to every patient during the chekup; a procedure patients will need to negotiate with insurance companies and schedule the appointments by themselves in US.

Western medicine is practiced in a different way in Taiwan, due to insurances, due to people. But I think for all the patients everywhere, being treated and cured will always be the first priority.


back home again ~

After 4 months and 4 days, I'm on my way back home again.
These 4 months are almost like a series of drama, many things happened, and everything happened so fast, that I can only do the best I can to go along with it; and once things happened, it will be never the same again.

I'm glad I'm home to restore myself after these crazy 4 months, I need to find the balance and the peace within myself.





time for changes

I can't believe I didn't say anything in my blog for almost 3 months now. It has been chaotic and busy 3 months, lots of things happened, happening, and may happen.
I've been sick and interviewed, suddenly everything is changing in my life.

"Be careful of what you wish for ~" is an old English saying; in a way it's true, after complaining about nothing ever changed for 3 years, now that everything needs to change at the same time and related to one and another.

If it's time for changes, will I be prepared and ready ?