civilization & barbarism, illness & wellbeing ...

When I was in the senior high school, there were 4 of us very good friends, one of us immigrated to the US after one year in our school. I still remember that the rest, 3, of us were reading Pam's letters from US, Pam said that she was going to be more "civilized" to fit in in the US. We never really knew what did she mean by being "more civilized". I still don't know. Now that I myself have been in the US for almost 8 years, I still don't know what does that mean, it is more "civilized" here ?

I'm recently being physically ill for a while, and the whole experience makes me wonder what is civilized. I am a biologist working at a top hospital; there might be the best, newest technologies in the US, but the whole health system makes none of these is public available or accessible. Any basic medical assistance needs to be considered if it is covered by the insurance policy. Patients need to do everything by themselves, check with the insurance companies, make all the appointments, get tests done and get medications ... and in between, there is lots of waiting time, basically, patients will be dead or cured before any meaningful and effective diagnoses and treatments arrived. Literally I've been culture-shock everyday by the barbaric civilization of the medical system in the US. I think it's beyond my imagination -ly brutal and barbaric, I can't imagine being seriously sick and being here.


三月 March


March. Not sure if I'm going to advertise "my month" again as usual, but I am reminding everyone : it's March, and it's my month. March is good, it's not too far away from the beginning of the year, and it's going to be spring soon, everyone is full of hopes. The weather is still changing, but it's going to be better.

Calculating Time

Found an interesting website.


One can calculate the exact time duration in between two dates. So, one can know how long he or sho has been on this planet, or how long he or she has been wasting time on something (and/or someone ?).

Found this website on the 2771 days of my being here in US, that equals to 7 years, 7 months and 1 day. Interesting combination. I guess everything happens for a reason.

So, what now ? It's time for ~ ?